Thoroughbred Racing South Australia opts for Philips SpeechLive

Horse racing experts adopt new Philips technologies for documenting their races

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#recorderPhilips Dictation, by Speech Processing Solutions, the market leader in professional speech-to-text solutions, is reshaping digital documentation in the Australian horse racing industry. Taking on a pioneering role in its industry, Thoroughbred Racing South Australia has adopted SpeechLive, a mobile cloud solution that allows for easy and secure race documentation processes.

In the racing industry, stewards are tasked with overseeing race meetings, conducting stable and track inspections, carrying out investigations on drug testing and appeals, conducting inquiries on race days and recording interviews to race-day chronicles. Their work is much more about adhering to the rules of racing than the glitz and glamour this industry is famous for. Keeping meticulous notes and records is a must.

“We are proud that Thoroughbred Racing SA has chosen Philips SpeechLive to meet these requirement”, says Yvonne Kirsch, Sales Director Asia-Pacific at Speech Processing Solutions. “Our subscription-based cloud dictation solution integrates with the Philips voice recorder app. This enables the stewards to record, edit and immediately send dictated reports from their smartphone without carrying an additional handheld recorder, reducing turnaround times for transcription and document generation.”

Craig Deakin, Stipendiary Steward, says, “It’s made our work more efficient. We could be anywhere out on the track, in the meeting rooms or on the road dictating on our phones, and the person back in the office is getting the information required. It’s a great process because that’s exactly what we require.”

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